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American Bar has been piece of history in Stockett, Montana for over a 103 years. The American Bar was a loud, thriving place when brothers Martin and Frank Ball opened  1915.  The high spot the bar still sits on was at a bend in the road to avoid flooding. The American bar has had a hand full of owners since its start but the atmosphere and history has been passed on. For many years Stockett was a booming coal mining town until the Gulch coal mines were shut down in 1946. Though the towns suffered a loss of people because there were no jobs. the American Bar still survived. Traditions of the past have been continued with the huge 3 inch sandwiches (made famous over 50 years ago by Pat Merva).


Visitors to the American Bar will still be greeted with the two headed calf born on a local ranch (Kessnars Ranch) in1963. The calf lived for approximately 15 minutes before passing. Kessnar decided to have the calf stuffed and mounted and since has been a staple in the bar. The years keep passing but the bar still holds it place and history in the small Montana town.


Wednesday - Sunday  11:30am


Wednesday - Saturday

11:30am - 8:00pm


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6th Front Street 

Stockett, Montana  59480